Types of Solar Garden Lights

With Solar garden lights, your garden will stay lit all night without having to pay ridiculous amount on your power bill. There are all kinds of solar garden lights; copper, durable black plastic bodied, steel finishes and many more. Solar garden lights are very easy to install and you don’t even have to maintain it. A garden with solar lights will radiate a dramatic effect.


Solar lights use LED white bulbs or colored bulbs. It doesn’t even need power source and is completely maintenance free and will look great on your garden. While solar lights have improved year after year, you still have to sort out which one will suit your garden perfectly. Your gazebo will look great if you put solar lights to the pathway leading to it or at the sides of your yard. Some of the popular styles of solar garden lights are ground stake, hanging, solar deck (patio & step lights), spot light, low-cost solar garden light, and high-end solar landscape lights. Landscape lights will surely bring dramatic effect to your landscape. These solar garden lights charge at daytime and illuminates at night. My most favorite style of solar garden light is the solar rose that changes the color of the LED bulb. It is more expressive with vivid colors at night. These solar roses will surely be the center of attention in your garden. It has a glass-like appearance and then unleashes bright vivid colors when the night comes. These roses illuminate the night in several colors starting from clear then blue, red, green, purple, yellow, pink etc. You can scatter these roses in your yard and amaze people passing by at night.


Solar lilies are also lovely. These lilies have solar chargers that are mounted directly onto their stakes and soak up the solar power during daytime and provide an amazing glow at night. You can plant these solar lilies at different heights all over your garden without having to mess with wires and plugs. There’s also a metal bird solar garden light that would look great on your garden. Just like any other bird decoration, it is complete with curling metal tail and acrylic blue beads.


Speckled solar garden globes are classy and sophisticated. Each comes with a solar charger that is mounted directly onto a wavy stake. It has auto light sensor that turns the unit on at dusk. This is ideal for entrance lawn and garden pathways.


The cutest of all solar garden lights I have seen is the kissing solar fairies! Kids will surely love it and make them dream about magical fairy paradise with fairy prince. It has a solar glass orb that illuminates the kissing fairies at night. It has warm ivory finish and durable weather-resistant resin.


If you are a fan of Gnomes, there’s a hiking solar Gnome statue for you! It has an embedded solar panel that stores energy from the sun all day and auto light sensor that enables it to glow at dusk. These solar powered garden lights will truly add magic to your garden!

Solar garden lights


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